7 Aspects To Designing A Valentine’s Day Website Banners

Every year Valentine’s Day is a focus for lovers the world over and one of the things any website designer will know is that it is a good idea to make sure your website banners reflect this important occasion!

If you’ve not created a website yet, have no fear, there is still enough time to get one up to take advantage of this seasonal traffic. There are variety of tools you can use to help get a website up and running but we recommend making your own website with 123 Reg and then customising it with a lovely valentines banner.

Here are some simple rules to follow to help you choose banners that work well and look great:

1. Say It With The Right Typeface

Even a banner needs a typeface that works in relation to its subject matter and you will often find that a Valentine’s heading uses an ornate and flowery script-like lettering. A big, bold masculine typeface is not really the way to go but a cursive font which denotes extravagance will look great and encourage splashing out on your loved one. It might seem strange to think that you can portray romance easily with a font but it can really work a treat.


Credit: brenndan.ca

2. Love’s A’Bloomin’ – Flowers

A traditional gift between lovers is flowers and roses make up the most romantic of all bouquets. Using rose imagery means you can make great use of vibrant colours and also give opportunities for striking photographic close ups of the rose bud.


Credit: ikedaspa.com

3. Lady in Red – Choosing Your Colour Scheme

The use of colour in Valentine’s images is a strong theme and is greatly influenced by the romantic power of the rose. This means that deep reds or striking scarlet often form the background for a strong image which sit perfect for a banner that contains words, allowing them to stand out clearly.


Credit: colorschemedesigner.com

4. Stolen Hearts – The Classic Heart Shape

The classic heart shaped symbol is an enduring image that every nation and culture on earth is familiar with and this is why it crops up in all forms of advertising and creative design. Of course it is a great favourite for anyone putting together a Valentine’s theme and its simplicity and universal recognition means it will be used for many years to come.


Credit: octangle.co.za

Use Compfight to find some creative takes on the traditional love heart shape:


Credit: compfight.com/search/hearts/1-0-1-1

5. Invoking The Innocent – Teddy Bear Icon

Teddy bears are probably the most classic of all cuddly toys and they seem to have a way of touching something innocent and comforting in all of us, invoking childhood memories of when we used to cuddle our favourite teddy.

Being able to invoking these fond memories is a useful tool for a web designer. Combine you’re a teddy icon with something red or pink:

Valentine Bears   Teddies   Valentines Teddy Bears

Credit: bigfatballoons.co.uk

6. Passion For Promotion – The Kiss Icon

It is no surprise that photos of couples engaged in activity is something that transcends cliché and stirs a foray of feelings (passion, lust). You’ll want something subtle and classy though, so be careful how you design this. Use abstractions like cute animals kissing, typography of the word ‘kiss’ or ‘X’s, or silhouettes in your banner.

qdoba bogo

Credit: fooddigital.com

7. Celebrate Your Promotion – Champagne

Above all, the 14th of February is a celebration of love and romance and, as with any other type of celebration, champagne should never be far away. The classic image of the bottle itself or a pooping cork all make for a great, lively inclusion in any Valentine themed banner.

Champagne orgo

Credit: asia-bars.com

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