The Open Designs Community

Open Designs was founded in December 2006 as a community of web designers and enthusiasts dedicated to sharing free open source web designs online. The aim was to bring together the very best web designers on the web and share those designs so that others may benefit and start their own web projects quickly and easily.

When Open Designs first launched, it quickly became a hub for web designers and enthusiasts from around the world. Our community have provided thousands of XHTML and CSS templates for download and new members join to share their designs every day.

Templates submitted to OD have been featured on the very best design blogs on the web, including Smashing Magazine, Hongkiat, Mashable and 1st Web Designer.

Over the years, The Open Designs Community (TODC) has had a very active and loyal following. Thousands of talented designers have shared their works on this site and thousands more beginners have taken those designs and used them as inspiration to start their own projects with.

Although WordPress and other content management systems have grown in popularity, there is still a huge need for website templates. Not only does it promote site owners to get involved with their sites and know how they work (which saves money trying to fix issues later) but it encourages porting of templates to different platforms and makes the web a more open place.

If you’re looking for help on submitting a template, using them or want to check out our FAQ’s, a good starting place would be our Help section.

For designers who want to start submitting templates to the gallery, you can register here and use the Upload Design page once you’re logged in.

Thanks so much to all of you who have supported Open Designs since the initial launch in 2006. With your help, we want to make OD the very best place on the web for designers and developers to share, remix and collaborate on the best web design templates, so you can spend time working on your development projects.

Updated: December 2012