Free Productivity Tools for Webmasters

Productivity Tools

In this post you will find 7 of the best free web applications that can simplify your work life. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, manager, office worker, home user, student, developer or designer – these tools will definitely improve your performance at work and make your life easier. Just take a look at them and in case you like them – please share.


The use of this tool will let you take notes of your mind blowing ideas so that you will never forget them. You can even draw your own thoughts. There is even a collaboration feature thanks to which you will have the chance to contribute in the brainstorming sessions. It also offers sharing and collaboration via emails or by sending them secure links. Changes made by other users will be highlighted instantly and you will be able to discuss over it with live chat facility it offers. Another great thing is that you can access it from anywhere by your iPod, iPhone or iPad round the clock.


In case you are wondering whether or not your site is doing well – you can use this tool. It is really easy and can help you do whatever you want. It will also give you a complete review of the rankings of your site in SEO analysis, Alexa, different computer sites and so on. You can also learn important information about your traffic. It also gives you report about the performance of competing sites and let you know the ways to improve the performance and ranking of your site.


If you want to see how your design will look on other people’s devices and computers, then this is a tool that you must install and use. It will let you know the final look of your web page on other monitors and browsers. The amazing feature of this tool is to offer predefined dimensions for browsers sizes set by default like 480 x 800 pixels for Google nexus and 1440 x 900 for MacBook Pro etc.


This is a really cool to-do list and if you are one of those people who can’t live without creating such list, then Coolendar is the tool that you should use for sure. You can easily set and change schedules and write about different meetings or things that you should not forget. Good features here is that you can merge it with Google Talk and can synchronize it with outlook, google calendars etc. You just need to write one line and it will set the task for you.


This will let you tweet from any page in the internet. The tweets themselves will be posted automatically which will help you focus on your work. It is one of great social media tools for web masters which lets them add articles, images, videos easily to their buffer which keeps on sharing throughout the day itself.


Do you want to put the names of your own fonts? In case the answer here is yes, you should get this free tool because it will provide you with many geometrical shapes that you can use for the creation of various fonts. After making all changes you need you can turn it into True Type Font in order to make it run on windows and Mac easily as you do with photoshop.


It is an amazing real time visual collaboration tool. It allows real-time interaction between connect and users this is why it is preferred by so many people out there. Thanks to Vyew you will be able to review the past, and present and reorganize the work of your page. You can easily upload docs, file, videos and images into your room where other users can easily access it and contribute as well to make it better than before. It’s easy to use with no installation needed and compatible with Mac, PCs, Linux etc.

Apart from these useful productivity tools which can add convenience there is another great online tool which is a must-have for new webmasters: a DIY website builder. They can create professional looking websites within a few minutes without learning anything about HTML, PHP or other languages so if you are also interested in DIY web design it could be a great idea for you to use an online builder to build your website quickly.

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