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how do i redirect one of these templates to a Mobi site?

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  • Started 2 days ago by LT1411
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  1. LT1411

    I\'m pretty new to this. Downloaded a beautiful Metamorph template this week and have it up and running but i was wondering how to add code to redirect mobile users to a mobile version i created using some free software. Most things i have found in searches are for redirects when PHP is being used but this template doesnt use PHP. I also read that using javascript to redirect (however you do that) might not work because some mobile devices have java disabled? any help welcomed!

    Posted 2 days ago #
  2. Open Designs
    Key Master

    All you need to do is rename the index.html to index.php and follow the instructions here:

    Just make sure your web host supports PHP first. If you choose Hostgator, you can enter our coupon code OpenDesigns in the shopping cart to get your first month for $0.01.

    Posted 2 days ago #

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