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Free Host Cpanel 11, Unlimited Bandwidth

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  • Started 1 year ago by bvl91

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  1. bvl91

    Free Host Cpanel 11, Unlimited Bandwidth

    3GB disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, Mysql Support.
    There are no hidden costs, Free for life. It's a good host

    Price $0.00
    Disk Space 3000 MB
    Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Parked Domains: Unlimited
    Add-on Domains: Unlimited
    Sub-domains: Unlimited
    E-mail Addresses: 10
    FTP Accounts: 10
    MySQL Databases: Unlimited


    To subscribe, click on your host free [URL=""] registration[/URL] a new site will appear after you click one button to register , press the next button [B] Order [/B] on the next page you'll see the registration page as shown below:


    If you already own a domain name (you can register using a free domain [URL=""] here[/URL], then you check the button [B] Use an existing domain name [/B] then enter your domain name and click [B] next [/B] to the next step, if no domain name, you check the button [B] Use a sub-domain [/B] and enter the domain name to subscribe to, for example: [I] yourname.200u. com [/I], press [B] next [/B].

    In the next step you check the button [B] I am a new customer [/B] and complete information on registration forms. Memory is filled correct email address to enable the process to complete the registration .

    You log into e-mail message just registration to activate your account (which can be activated is in the mail spam), please click on the link is activated you will receive notification successfully created your account:
    [B] "Account Verification | Successful [/B]


    After registration and activation in you check mail again to see detailed information about your account and host has been registered.

    Link login:



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